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European Communications Technology Ltd

PO Box 4020, Pangbourne, Berks RG8 8TX, UK

Tel: +44(0)118 984 1141. Fax: +44(0)118 984 1847

Email: support@ect-av.com

We are the UK distributors for the following audio visual products:


  • Screen Works E-Zee fold Portable projection screens. Both rental and sales
    • Portable screens for professional presentations, 6'x4' formats right up to 24'x18' both front and rear projection. The E-Zee fold range is compatible with industry standard screens, just tell us what you've been using to date.
    • Drape kits to create that professional finish to your presentation. All drapes are self supporting and by adding our 6ft lengths together, you can make any length you want. Forget those old "flats" which are so difficult to transport and inevitably need re-painting every time. Standard colours are blue, grey and black, standard lengths are 7' to 12' and 9' to 16'.
    • Carry Off room dividers for creation of discrete areas.
    • Lecterns
    • Equipment roll carts. Off the roll flexible screen material (9ft wide) Rear, Matt White and Matt Brite (30% brighter).

    To have a close look at all the Screen Works screens in greater detail, visit our Screens website at: www.thescreenworks.com

  • Rigid Rear projection screens
    • Diffused
    • Fresnel Lenticular
    • New Fresnel diffused. The Vision 2000 produces excellent wide angle viewing on the vertical and horizontal. The resolution has been increased and contrast ratios are the highest seen for any screen. A must for control room and large video projection wall applications. Ideal for projection distances of shorter than 1:1.
    • SLP for LCD projector installations Lenticular diffused
    • Do we sell "those incredibly expensive rear projection screens"? Yes we do - but that is for specialist applications where CRT projection is used.

      Now we have developed the first lensed screen, specifically for use with Single Lens Projectors *LCD, DLP, D-ILA etc.) which gives the highest quality projected images at a fraction of the cost (up to 60% less than fresnel lenticular screens) the new SLP screen is the answer to many of your rear projection requirements today. Ideal for projection distances of over1.3:1.

    • New The V2 Clarity gives excellent quality images with darker contrasts. As projectors have becomebrrighter, we have kept pace by increasing the amount of diffusion particles and darkening the tint. to come up with a product at the same price as the SLP
      ECT are the distributors of SLP & V2 Clarity for Europe and The Far east


Control products

  • CUE control systems for boardrooms, Theme parks, Museums, Show Presentation, and the ultimate in home theatre environment and audio/visual media control.

Installation hardware


Rear Projection mirror systems.

The rear Projection mirror system is tailor made to fit the exact requirements of the application.

Given the size of mirror, height, tpe of projector and lens and the length and width of the projection room, we will supply a CAD drawing for your exact requirements. When you receive the product the mirrors are all factory set so that no technical experience is required for the installation



Video projector scissors lift. For projectors that are ceiling mounted, here's the solution to get your projector hidden away above the ceiling and then moved down to the exact projection position. Three stop positioning also allows for floor servicing. Models available for single lens and CRT projectors. Give us the model number and drop distance and we'll calculate the rest.


Presentation products

Yokogawa Visualizer

Up to A3 size, this is the answer to true electronic presentations. Put all your media inputs through the video projector and throw away that old Over Head Projector!

Notice the clean lines of the pallet with no bottons to get in the way. Fully automated for ease of use

Let the presenter concentrate on his speech and the visualizer will look after the images.


Yokogawa VideoMate

Slide to video converter. Want to use slides in your electronic presentations? here's your answer. Take your standard carousel tray, slot it on the top, connect to your video projector or monitor, and there you have it - Electronic images from slides. Slide operation is straight forward forward, reverse and zeroing.

  • Discrete goose neck camera,- for video conferencing, training, covert viewing and close up inspection.
  • Xenon slide projectors, for large auditoriums and equivalent colour temperature to video projectors.
  • Schneider Slide projector lenses.
  • Navitar Slide projector lenses and slide to video converters, lenses for single lens video/data projectors.
  • Amplivox Lecterns and self powered sound delivery systems
  • Lecterns
  • Radio microphones
  • Powered loud hailers
  • New The Audio Portable Buddy. Have you noticed how your video projectors have very small audio amplification systems? here's your answer, the Buddy (companion to your video projector) at 10"x13"x3.5" and weighing 8lbs (with batteries) it's no bigger than most video projectors and punches out 50 watts of sterio sound, no power cables required with battery power giving you 200 hours of talk time. Additional inputs for dynamic, condenser and wireless microphones and aux. jack. line outputs to record your show onto tape.

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